The degree of absence of thinking is your growth on your Spiritual Path…

I have found Hay House World Summit…Alleluia. If you are ready for uplifting inspiration, tips and support to find the peace and love in your life… your own self, then you must visit Hay House World summit. I encourage you to look into the inspiring videos and audios they have available. It is only available until the end of May…and then there will be no free access to them. Find the time and do it…Do it Now!

There are interviews with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and many other inspirational spirits. If you are looking for inspiration and motivational healing, forgiveness, learning to love yourself, go to Hay house world summit.

I just enjoyed watching two videos with Eckhart Tolle…..I didn’t know who this guy was and apparently he is the most highly influentiual spiritual teacher…Dalai Lama came second on the list (Wayne Dyer 3rd). Quite impressive . He is simple in his talk of Time being a movement of thought. He speaks about there being no boundaries in the universe, we create our boundaries. When you think about the universe, the brain does not allow you to not give it a boundary. We have taught our brains that there are limits, that there are boundaries. Eckhart speaks about the present moment being the only moment that does not change. There is no future or past, it is as it is. You must be present in the most important moment which is NOW, the present moment.

Yesterday I was able to watch “The Shift” by Wayne Dyer. Actually as I’m writing this I have just realised it would have been his 77th birthday today. Happy birthday Wayne! The movie is a portrayal of helping people realise they can make a “shift” from Ambition to Meaning in their lives. I implore you to find it and watch it.

What I have found today is that the degree of absence of thinking is your growth on your spiritual path. I have been meditating (or trying to daily) to find that spacious awareness that surrounds me. I’m finding peace with my meditation and finding it is part of my prayer routine. I’m finding that shift in my life, making changes (starting a new job tomorrow yay! as the last one left me drained of spiritual energy).

I feel like I am racing through this blog so that I can go watch another free video on the Hayhouse world summit site. There are ANGEL hEALINGS, Mediums, meditations…IMG_7979

Peace and love to whom ever finds this little blog. I hope it directs you to what you are searching for or that you find some soul fulfilment…God Bless



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