Meditation with Prayer

Lately, I have been consumed with searching, searching for something…something within…I have read meditation books, listened to audio books on soul searching and finding your inner peace, my angels have lead me to listened to Hayhouse Radio (which I recommend, it is quite inspirational), The magic of believing, believe it before you see it audios and what I have discovered is, it is all there within my catholic faith. All these motivational speakers, authors, meditation gurus, all relate to the one stream, divine self, Spiritual self, God.

So why don’t we Catholics or Christians have mediation sessions available. Or have I been missing out? Sure we attend mass and listening to the word of God each week feeds my soul. However, as a catholic, I have never been taught to meditate in prayer to find God’s love within my soul.

I have found you can speak of “mind stuff” and meditation with ease and even being spiritual, however, as soon as you mention prayer or religion, it is generally mocked. Being peaceful, finding it through meditation or stillness, that is PrAyEr.

I have been searching for this spiritual self for years, since my early 20’s, my first book “The power of positive thing” by Vincent Norman Peale. I have listened to Wayne Dyer, and love meditating with Davidji (absolutely has shown me direction).

It’s all about our conditioning and learning to undo it all…Our sub conscious is our light. Finding the light, the inner light of which Jesus spoke of, our inner Soul. we need to undo the  judgement, criticism, we need to shift to an awareness of love, compassion and understanding.

First testament Jesus says “the light of the body is the eye,if therefore thine eye be single, the whole body shall be light ” We need to see the love, see only kindness, health, no good or bad only the ONENESS. Finding the light within everyone we see, it’s our spirit. We need to find our centre, listen to it guiding us.

Dr. Dyer, you have made a difference in my life by showing me the power of the words “I am”.  I recommend you search Wayne Dyer speaking about the words “I am, that I am” quite inspirational. That reminds me I need to learn how to attach web site links to my blog!

I am that I am – Wayne Dyer Hope this link works!

I need to find my light within to elevate me to a level of consciousness that is divine love.

Everyone is searching for love, happiness and everyone wants good health and fortune, I have discovered it’s all within and I need to find out how to make it shine.

What I have discovered is that I have not been searching for it lately, I have been searching for it my entire life. I have just been side tracked a little along the way.

Come search with me on finding this spiritual light, on mindfulness, on believing in the magic, on finding God ….come learn to meditate with prayer with me.

God Bless xx


Oh and this link (hope it works) is great meditation sounds from Wayne Dyer…I’m off to meditate. Iam that I am meditation music

My daughter painted this gorgeous watercolour of St Gabriel…What a beautiful, creative soul she is!St Gabriel


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