Morning Tea with an Angel.

Today I was scheduled for a mammogram. It was cancelled at the last minute, so I used the time to catch up with a beautiful soul. It was either stay home and do the domestics…cleaning, washing ahhh or get rid of the greys in my hair by visiting the hairdresser (well overdue) OR visit a friend. I opted for the latter.

While we were catching up over coffee (great froth too!), the doorbell chimed. Expecting someone to walk in as my friend opened the door….she returned on her own. My friend proceeded to tell me, it was an angel she let in. WOW! I felt so at ease and comfortable in telling her I have been searching, searching for something…meditating, finding the stillness, trying to listen to my guides and ANGELS! No coincidence, I had morning tea with two angels, one that I could physically see and the other I have been searching for.

My beautiful angel friend proceeded to tell me about how she has been searching for that place maybe in healing mediums or angel guides. I feel connected in knowing that my angel gave me the direction to seek her friendship through this beautiful soul.

I enjoyed the moment and feel secure in knowing that I am being guided.

Now to start the home domestics, then a beautiful meditation will be needed to connect in the divine stillness and love of my angel.

“Sister Keeper” is what keeps going through my thoughts….My friends beautiful bird tattoo with these beautiful words…

I tried searching for an image of the bird my friend has tattooed, however, one of the first few images that appeared on my screen, was of this Toucan pictured.


What is amazing, as I am writing this, my daughters painting is looking straight at me…


My angel is watching…

God Bless



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